About Jigsaw Adoption

We are a different kind of adoption service available in the UK that is open to prospective adoptive parents looking to build their family by offering a warm and loving home to a child or children seeking a fresh start with a new family.

The government are encouraging the independent sector to help settle more adoptive children with families across the country. We are a unique mix of expert children's social care workers and experienced parents from a wide range of backgrounds.

We are a voluntary adoption agency based in Buckinghamshire. Voluntary Adoption Agencies (VAAs) work to recruit new prospective adoptive parents, assist them with comprehensive training, and conduct assessments to ensure suitability.

Once adoptive parents are approved by a VAA, they can then go forward to be matched with children who are currently under the care of a Local Authority. Prospective adoptive parents do not have to pay fees to work with us at Jigsaw Adoption, as our costs are met via local authority government funding.

Our team is Ofsted registered, and backed up with sound professional business support. We all work together to provide you with a very high standard of service, and one-to-one support on your journey towards building your family.

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