About Jigsaw Adoption

A number of our core team are actually adoptive mothers, and want to help and support other people through the adoption process. By drawing on our own life experiences of adoption, we can offer support and advice from the parents perspective.

With our unique experience of the adoption process, and our desire to empower and support adoptive parents, we can offer a thorough and comprehensive service to help you through each and every stage.

We work to government standards and are OFSTED registered, so you will know from the outset that you will be dealing with a professional and experienced team. We want adopters to feel engaged as partners with us in this process, so we open up clear and easy communication channels with you right from the start. There will always be a friendly ear available at Jigsaw Adoption to answer your questions.

We particularly want to want to hear from you if can consider adopting any of these children

Children aged 4 and over. Many children are taken into care when they are a couple of years old. In addition, the decision making process about their futures can take a long time so even if a child is very young when taken into care, the process to find their permanent family may not start as quickly as you might expect

Sibling groups of 2 or 3 children. In many cases, siblings enter local authority care at the same time. We believe that it is good to keep sibling together where possible.

Children from different ethnicities. Children who need adoption come from a diverse range of ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds.

Children who live in another part of the country. The number of children who need adopting and the number of people who are able to adopt vary across the country.


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