While there is no upper age limit to adopting a child, you should be over 21 years old.

All a child really wants is a home where parents can provide love, patience, understanding, security and commitment. If this is what you believe you can offer a child or sibling group, then why not apply?

Your marital status makes no difference to your chances of adoption, so you can apply if you are single, married, in a civil partnership, an unmarried couple, or same sex couple.

It doesn't matter if you live in your own home or in rented accommodation or social housing, nor does it matter what ethnic, religious or cultural background you have. You don't have to be in full-time employment to be able to adopt. You can apply if you are receiving benefits or disability allowance.

You may already have children of your own, be a step-parent, or not have any children. You can adopt a child or children for many different reasons, but it is what you can offer to an adopted child that will be of the most importance.

If you have the energy, flexibility and patience to support and nurture a child, no matter what challenges may be thrown up, there is a good chance you would make an excellent adoptive parent!

Once we get to know you and your circumstances, we can make the decision to accept you as an adopter, and offer you high quality training to prepare yourself for your new role as an adoptive parent. 


What is adoption?

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