Thank you Amanda Lamont, Mayor of Amersham to make the time to come to our offices for a chat about our work and to show support.

In case you missed us last week on the free channel "That's Oxford" see a short film about Jigsaw Adoption here:

That's Oxford - Jigsaw Adoption film

We've had a film team from  "That's Oxford" coming on Tuesday, 13th October to make a short film about our work. You can see it from Wednesday 14th October, 5pm. onwards.(Freeview Channel 8)

That's Oxford website

We're also very happy to announce that co-founder and adoptive Mum Khalida Lovell will speak about Jigsaw on BBC radio 3 counties today @ 1.30pm

Tune in  on the BBC website

94.7 FM

13.30 with Nick Coffer

Rate of adopters added to Adoption Link drops for first time, while matches continue to rise. 

During the past quarter (July to September 2015) the number of approved adopters registering on Adoption Link dropped for the first time to 764, from a peak of 955 in the previous quarter. At the same time the number of children added (who are seeking adoption) increased to 341, from 270 in the previous quarter.

The magazine "Get Bucks" visited our office to interview Jigsaw Co-Founder Erik Ferm.

See the whole article here:

GetBucks article September 2015

A wonderful article about how trauma affects children and how adoptive parents can deal with it. It's a slow process with lots of challenges but also many rewards.

Read adoptive Mum of two Claire Brasier's interview in the SEN magazine

Learning to love

The Jigsaw Adoption team is pleased to announce that Melanie Kinghan is joining Jigsaw. Melanie is an experienced social worker and brings nearly 20 years experience of working with children and vulnerable families to the agency, both from the UK and mainland Europe.

Foster carers are being pressured by local authorities into considering permanently caring for children through special guardianship orders (SGOs), a charity has warned. Fostering and adoption charity The Adolescent and Children’s Trust (Tact) has said it is concerned by the rapid increase in SGOs and wants the issue to be investigated to find out the reasons for it. Government statistics published this week show that the use of SGOs has soared in recent years.


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